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MDev_Reader app for those suffering with macular degeneration now available on Android platform

Following a successful project where Humboldt worked with a team at Royal Holloway University to build an app to help those suffering with macular degeneration to read text on an iPad, the company has just completed its second part of the project, an app for the Android platform. Macular degeneration is a painless eye condition… [Read more]

Know what you ship

If you’re planning to build any networked device, it’s likely to be an embedded Linux system. And using a kit from a board vendor makes it easy to start developing the system.  However, these packages rarely take you all the way to a polished commercial product. In most cases the board vendor will supply a… [Read more]

Why Android is winning

We’re hearing so much about Android at the moment in our line of work. We’re still developing iOS applications of course, because the operating system is very much part of our world. It’s necessary for consumer applications, and great for organisations large enough to use the Enterprise Program and who can run an in-house app… [Read more]

We’re recruiting! Join the Humboldt team

Tired of working on the same type of projects day in, day out? Looking for something a bit more varied and challenging where you can use your problem solving skills? You could be just the person we’re looking for! We need an enthusiastic, generalist developer with a good knowledge of Linux, as well as C… [Read more]

Building Bespoke Mobile Software

As mobile apps have taken off in consumer applications, it’s become more difficult to build an application for a customer to use in-house. Many new platforms have launched without an easy way for an in-house developer to release bespoke software to their customer, and tracking the start of the art can take time. Here’s an… [Read more]