Wills Booking Service

Pattison James Associates (PJA) wanted to allow some way for customers to book wills at their own convenience. Let's investigate further to understand how PJA achieved their goal with the help of Humboldt Solutions.

The Problem

Pattison James Associates (PJA) wanted to find a solution that would allow their customers to book a will consultant online, but they were having problems finding an off-the-shelf solution that could cover their needs at an affordable price. That's when they turned to Humboldt Solutions.

The Solution

Humboldt Solutions were able to offer consultancy and quickly advise to produce a solution that would meet PJA's needs - an online, web based booking form which would allow customers to go through the process of booking a will: select from a list of consultants, a date and time based on consultants destination from the customer, and take their credit/debit details and charge them at point-of-sale.

These details would then be sent back to a web-based, back-office administration software. After PJA was satisfied with the solution, Humboldt Solutions quickly got to work implementing both ends of the solutions whilst working heavily with PJA to shape the product into something both customers and administration could easily use.

The Result

With Humboldt Solution's help, the booking web portal was able track in real time how many people were booking wills at the same time, thus increasing customers for PJA. Using the latest technology, Humboldt was able to deliver a website that was both optimised for desktop and mobile without any decrease in functionality for both users. Any additional feedback quickly transpired into extra features and fixes thanks to the ongoing tight collaboration between PJA and Humboldt Solutions.

PJA immediately noticed an increase of will bookings and were able to observe an increase in efficiency when organising will consultants. Managing consultants and customers was a boon for PJA, and it wouldn't have been as quick or as effective without the help and guidance of Humboldt Solutions.

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