Digital Signage Case Study – Onelan

ONELAN provides digital signage across the world. They enlisted the services of Humboldt to help deliver Reserva: an interactive meeting-room signage system. Providing a smooth user experience was essential, but the bigger challenge was to create a system that fully integrated with numerous third-party applications. 

“Humboldt work with the third-party developers to fully understand the capabilities.” 

Working from a proof-of-concept design, Humboldt played an important role to help develop an interactive booking system that fully integrates with Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendars and a bespoke calendaring system used by the education sector. Humboldt also played a crucial role in realising an android signage player suitable for android tablets. Additional functionality includes:

-Automatic update of cancellations

-Meeting booking

-Meeting extension or shortening

-Attendee confirmation

The Reserva project is ongoing, as Humboldt and ONELAN continue to work together to improve the system. The latest upgrade saw the introduction of a device on each sign that allows users to access the system with a smart card. By simply scanning their employee ID card, they can book, cancel or rearrange meetings outside the meeting room itself.

“Humboldt made our job very easy in terms of explaining our thoughts. It doesn’t have to be a detailed brief… they’ll just get on with it and understand exactly what we want.”

2017 Internships

We are Humboldt Solutions, a small company based in Camberley, Surrey. Our expertise covers fields as diverse as broadcasting, industrial safety and health, consumer apps, Linux systems and more using the latest technologies in our implementations. We see active engagement with intern programmes as key to better-understanding new perspectives and innovative ways of working. As hardware, software and services developers, this helps us to keep our edge and more effectively serve our clients in a fast-moving and increasingly competitive market.

Intern with us! As intern season approaches, Humboldt Solutions is reaffirming its commitment to the future of Britain’s high-tech sector. We are actively looking for a summer intern and, should the right candidate present themselves, can offer a second, four week placement covering the Easter break. All of our internships are paid positions. We’re looking for passionate and committed enthusiasts with a readiness to learn and enhance their skill-sets ideally for computer science and engineering students. You’ll be involved in many parts of the development process and learn about the project cycle from design, development to delivery. Being based in Camberley, there are good rail and road connections to Reading, Oxford, Basingstoke and London, so we’re well placed for students west of the capital or at institutions throughout Thames Valley.

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