Upgrade for thermal imaging camera


Rufilla, a software development consultancy that specialises in training, asked us to support a project for one of their clients.

The client had a thermal imaging camera, aimed at building inspectors and engineers. We were asked to carry out a mid-life upgrade on the product, which included enabling it to support high capacity SD cards (SDHC).

What we did

The camera was a Linux based design, with u-boot bootloader.

We applied the customer’s board specific modifications to a more recent Linux kernel, which supported the SDHC cards, and we made both u-boot and Linux kernel changes.  This was an important upgrade as SDHC cards were becoming more prevalent and the client wanted to give end-users greater choice.

We also made a series of minor enhancements to the camera, which responded to end-user demand. They included modifications to its video system, which reduced the delay between moving the camera and the change showing in the viewfinder. This made the camera easier to use.

The result

The project was delivered on time, and the customer was able to issue an update, which gave compatibility with a wide range of memory cards. This gave their end users more choice and enabled them to store more images.

Says Joe Nicholson MD of Rufilla, “We’ve collaborated with Humboldt many times so I knew they had a great deal of knowledge and experience of Linux video drivers.”

“They were a key component in making this project successful. Fast and flexible, they approached each element in the most appropriate way. This involved meetings, joint investigations, short milestone software delivery, as well as advice on the correct approach.”

“We worked jointly on many tasks so communication needed to be excellent. Humboldt made this very easy and seamless by using online collaboration tools.”

“I have to say, I don’t think we could have completed this project without them”.

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