Medtech is a growing industry sector. The government is trying to find more cost effective ways to alleviate pressures on the NHS. In modern Britain people are living longer but health issues are also on the rise.

Luckily, the government is encouraging us to take charge of our health care needs digitally. There are many medical apps in the market managing things like asthma, heart disease, and weight loss - just to name a few. The world is changing as healthcare challenges increase.

If you are a clinician or work in the medical profession, your skills lie in helping people to get better, and you may have a brilliant idea for a medical app. You may also lack the technical knowledge, or don't know how to bring your idea to life. This is where Humboldt Solutions can help you.

Whether you need someone to check if your idea is technologically viable or you want a prototype building to prove your concept then get in touch. We will make sure that your idea is technically feasible before you spend a lot of money on an idea that may not be achievable.

Scientists at Royal Holloway wanted to find a way to help people with sight loss to read. Discover how they partnered up with Humboldt Solutions to bring the ability to read to thousands with vision impairment.