Live Auction App Case Study

“Humboldt go the extra mile. They’re flexible and very responsive. We like the fact that we can ask for something and they might come back with a better suggestion of how to solve the problem. We always feel like it’s a two-way conversation.” (Stewart Ford, Group IT Director, Aston Barclay)

Aston Barclay is one of the largest car auction groups in the UK, with a total of five locations across the country.

Aston Barclay were experiencing inefficiency because of the multitude of backend systems that were operating across the company. The customer experience also needed a complete overhaul in order to increase the service offering and provide mobile functionality.

“Humboldt cleared the decks and streamlined everything in our backend to make it really slick, which gave us a platform to rapidly develop the front end.”

Humboldt developed a mobile app to enable customers to bid in real time in any Aston Barclay auction. Designed to match the look and feel of the existing in-hall system, the app also provides customers with essential information to assist them in the bidding process. Thanks to seamless integration with the DVLA database, customers are able to cross-check the history of any vehicle in the auction, and can also benefit from the DVLA’s own valuation of the vehicle. The app is fully integrated with Aston Barclay’s backend system.

“We now have a mobile app that is constantly updating. We really feel ahead of the game thanks to the work Humboldt have done.”

In addition to the mobile bidding app, Humboldt has provided a range of other solutions, including:
-Streamlining of all backend management software
-Integration with external systems to provide 3rd-party lookup vehicle data and seamless listing for sellers
-Backend inventory system
-Specialised API for larger customers

“Our car auctions are the heartbeat of the business, so to have one centralised system that runs smoothly has made a huge difference.”

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