MPC107/Tsi107 I2C in Linux 2.6

As of Linux, the driver is in the kernel as i2c-mpc.c. This version of the driver has been tested on Tsi107 (formerly MPC107), and on MPC8240, MPC8540, and MPC5200 PowerPCs. Thanks to all the testers.

MPC107/Tsi107 Cache Coherency

The Tsi106 (formerly MPC106) and Tsi107 (formerly MPC107) PowerPC host bridges both contain a data cache. This note describes why it may be necessary to mark memory as SMP coherent even in a single processor system using these bridges.

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MPC107 I2C Driver

The driver is supplied ready to be inserted into the linuxppc-2.4-devel tree.

The driver has so far been tested on a small number of systems and with a small number of I2C parts. Thanks to Gleb Natapov, Matthew S. McClintock, and others for testing. Further test results are welcome.
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Machine Check Handling

Current PowerPC kernels have a number of flaws in their machine check handling. The first fault is that they raise a SIGSEGV exception if the machine check occurs during user mode code. Many causes of machine check are not directly related to the current process. For example, on some platforms a PCI parity error detected while a PCI bus master writes into memory will cause a machine check. On some platforms a parity error reading data from the L2 cache in order to write it out to memory will cause a machine check.

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